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We provide our clients with a fully informed / professional call center services either to reach out to a specific audience, or receive questions and inquiries from customers.

First impressions matter and our call center team is here to make a great one! 

Fulfilment Services

We dispatch promotional personalized items to prospects’ hands. 

Our mailroom service works at making sure the items we deliver are in a perfect condition, well sealed, and labeled.. Both these services compliment each other, and nothing’s more special than a home delivered surprise or a consistent monthly package! 

Sales Process Management 

We help maintain and predict future sales by managing the sales process. A smooth sales operation is essential in building customer loyalty, and the overall management of the process helps businesses resolve and discover operational challenges early on which helps maximize performance hence ROI.

Data Cleansing & Analysis

Database marketing depends to a great extent on accurate and recent data, so in order to reach that our team offers this service, data cleansing. Updating information, and correcting data simultaneously creates a sense of uniformity/accuracy in our database.


Leading to data analysis, the second aspect of this service, which works on drawing patterns and reaching insights present throughout our data.

B2B Matchmaking 

Traditional networking methods might work but they are time consuming and mostly depend on chance. This is where b2b matchmaking comes in handy. Having someone do the research for your business in light of your vision, goals, and business needs and helping you find the most suitable prospects to work with.


Whether it’s a long term partnership or a temporary collaboration, you no longer have to attend purposeless meetings in order to find the right fit.  This is fully customized to best meet your criteria, needs, and objectives. 

Lead Generation

We help build relationships between the business and their prospects, familiarizing the target audience through suitable messages in turn making them future clients! Lead generation mainly works by giving prospects a glimpse of what the business is all about and how it can benefit them, then providing a constant supply of profiled customers who are ready to make a purchase decision. 

Data Collection & Profiling

Data collection is a crucial part of any direct marketing process. A standardized approach to data collection allows us to secure a more efficient collection process. Data profiling entails calculating statistical figures about existing data and summarizing data patterns, which simplifies the analysis process and enhances our understanding of the data set. 

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